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We love shaping up properties!  Whether you need monthly, quarterly or seasonal power washing of your entrance, high traffic sidewalks, loading docks, dumpster enclosures and building walls, Curb Appeal is the best choice for major property cleaning.

High-Visibility Areas 
Excellent care of high traffic customer areas like entrances and sidewalks really benefit the business owner.  Pressure washing concrete restores the look of entrances ONLY when it is done evenly with a keen eye for detail and the patience to do the job right.  To us, replacing stains with spot-clean pressure washing marks is not professional enough. 

Gum Removal 
Heated pressure washing is the best process to remove gum and stains from sidewalks, entrances, concrete, asphalt, and to maintain condition of shopping carts.

Got graffiti? 
Heated pressure washing plus environmentally safe chemical application is one of our specialties and the best way to remove graffiti.  And we understand that responsiveness is everything for emergency cleaning.

Let Curb Appeal work with you to arrange SPRING CLEANING with PARKING LOT POWER SWEEPING to remove winter's sand and salt, MagChloride stains, dirt and debris.

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The FALL CLEAN-UP is excellent for removing accumulated leaves and debris after the high traffic of the warmer months before the snow falls.

Please contact us for a free estimate for all your property maintenance needs and discover the difference Curb Appeal can make to your property.

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